User Roles & Permissions for Custom ERP App on Bubble (Video #3)

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Have you thought about creating user roles and permissions within your no code app yet?

If not, now’s a great time to do so — it’ll make your app more secure and private, so that only the right users can see the right information.

This is especially true when it comes to building ERP apps, which are apps used to handle internal business operations. These often involve teams, employees, contractors, and even clients needing different levels of access to an app.

A couple weeks ago, we launched our new video series, Can You Build ERP Apps on Bubble?

This series walks you through not only whether you can build an ERP app on Bubble, but also…

– How to start building common features of an ERP
– Which features to focus on first
– Different ways you can customize those features
– Examples of ERP apps
– And more…

If you haven’t seen the first videos on ERP apps yet, check them out here and here.

Once you’re caught up on those, the next step is to dive into your user roles and permissions setup.

This is something every app will need, but with ERP apps, it’s even more unique, given the use-cases.


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4 respostas em “User Roles & Permissions for Custom ERP App on Bubble (Video #3)”

Gaby, have you seen any good way to implement fine grained access control on. a single item? Take this case:
A multi-tenant app where each account can create projects. Each project can have several modules (documents, messages, tasks etc.). An admin can create a role so that a role can only see specific projects (with view all permissions), specific modules in projects (say documents in project A) OR only certain documents (say only document ABC, but nothing else).

I know how to implement this on a logical level, but the privacy is nagging me.

Any hints?

Hey Gaby I need your help, I am beginner on Bubble, I am watching your video from 2019 to understand the whole process but I am stuck, Do you remember when you made the sign up page and then a different page named search for Dynamic Pages (Current users Emails and view profile) , So my doubt is even after following step by step I can't get all the emails in one go, I always get the name at the table top, Please help me out

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