Is Good for ERP Apps? (Enterprise Resource Planning)

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Can you use to build a no code app that’ll essentially run an entire business?

Technically speaking, that type of app is called an ERP app…

It stands for “enterprise resource planning.”

Now, previously, building this type of app was only realistic for large, enterprise companies. The types of costs involved in building something customized like this can be massive.

Because of no-code tools like Bubble, though, building a custom ERP for small or even micro businesses is actually fully possible.

The “old” way of running a business usually involves:

→ Lots of “out-of-the-box” 3rd party apps strung together using something like Zapier. This is usually really costly over time and also very disjointed…


→ A ton of unnecessary manual work. And of course, this means human error, wasted time, and thinned resources.

If you’re thinking about building a no code ERP app, there’s a lot to know, and it starts by understanding whether Bubble will really support the type of functionality you need.

In this video, that’s exactly what we’re breaking down.

Watch now to learn whether Bubble will support the type of ERP app you need, and what kinds of customized features are actually possible.


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8 respostas em “Is Good for ERP Apps? (Enterprise Resource Planning)”

Hi Coach,

do bubble has same framework like Netsuite? I wanna learn much about this software. Because we have a plan to build a ERP system for SME business here in Philippines. I wanna build a Company and sell some ERP system with a low cost application. Do Bubble can be on premise or cloud base like Netsuite.

i am newbie to bubble. I am wonder does any Mobile app builder which can work as front end and can integrate with bubble as back end which work as core system ? what is the way to achieve that?

Example: We use mobile app to work as booking function for mobile users for booking or scheduling some service and at the back end of bubble can work as POS , invoicing or payment part etc.

Great videos! I'm currently using BiznessApps for clients, but looking for something more feature rich and customizable. Most of the Bubble vids are for web apps. Is that mainly Bubbles strength? Do you have videos on building mobile apps? And what the deployment (Google Play and Apple) process looks like?

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