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We have a full array of trading software and services:

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If you day trade the ES, NQ, YM, Currencies, Metals, Grains, Energies, or any market, Cycle Trader Pro’s software could be for you.

Our goal is to build better trading indicators to see market momentum & reversals better than most other indicators. Design trade models to understand what the market may be doing at the time. What pattern is may be in so you feel you have more control on the trade. Plus provide trading apps to help put more money back in your pocket on trade entry and exit.

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Sometimes you want a 5 min scalping strategy, or automated trading and are looking for the best indicators for trading.

We get that. Bressert Cycles, cycle trading indicators, are made special for day traders. Walter Bressert created the double stochastic. Works great in e mini futures trading live. Futures trading, scalping, indicators, NinjaTrader add ons, trading apps, custom charts, we have them all in one place. Works just as well with Micro futures. Walter Bressert’s indicators have come a long way with his son Jerome Bressert.

The /es futures trading can amount to a 1 to 5 min macd scalping strategy, or the use of an ai trading bot, algo trading code for live trading, automated trading has been very popular because people don’t have to pull the trigger. CycleTrader Pro may have the next best solution with it trading app called GoFishPro, Market Pulse, trading indicators, charts, and live day trading room. We feel we have the best day trading app for your strategy, swing trading, today’s trade live.

Bressert Cycle analysis, indicators, double smoothed stochastic are just part of the package. GoFishPro, Scalper EX Market Pulse, and more are all updated new ways of approaching the markets. If you are a simple day trader beginner, looking for chart analysis, day trading course, day trading patterns, day trading room, or day trading strategies, then CycleTrader Pro may have a fit for you. e mini futures trading, ema (exponential moving average) scalping strategies, Fibonacci fan strategy, time cycles, futures scalping, high-frequency trading, Hurst time cycles, market profile strategies, moving average crossover scalping, stochastic rsi divergence, trading chart patterns, ALL can be made better with GoFishPro trading app.

NQ live trading and ES live trading patterns require the right tools to be successful. We have the NinjaTrader 8 add ons. Free demos. We created NinjaTrader 8 indicators add ons. Technical analysis indicators, when applied to chart patterns can work well. What works better is having the right trading app help when you entered the markets. GoFishPro can offer this assistance.

CycleTrader Pro all started with Walter Bressert Profit Trader Indicator strategies. CycleTrader Pro has come a long way since 2015 for trading Emini futures. If you are on day trader beginner or advanced professional trader, come check out one of our videos and see if there is a fit.

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