Earn Free NFTs! Blitzionaire Gameplay Tutorial iOS / Android

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Earn Free NFTs! Blitzionaire Gameplay Tutorial iOS / Android

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Blitzionaire – Online NFT Game
About this game
** Blitzionaire – Play to Earn NFTs Game **
Blitzionaire is a free PVP game that makes having fun literally pay off, sending over 250,000 NFTs on a monthly basis to players all around the globe. In a world where digital assets seek to replace reality as we know it, playing online games with friends as Blitzionaire can truly take you to the next level of fun and fortune.
It’s 60 seconds all or nothing f2p game to knock out your opponent. Players can buy real NFTs, virtual real estate and Digital Assets with the BlitzCoins they earn; the only investment required is time and effort. Blitzionaire is 100% free.
Play the market to become the no.1 Blitzionaire of the Game!

** All players are bankers **
New players begin the game with 100,000 BlitzCoins for FREE! Do you want more? Sign up using social media and receive an additional 50,000!
Your objective is to Knock Out as many bankers as possible. Your bank is open for attacks 24/7, so you better be ready to respond at any time, anywhere!

** 60 seconds Play to Earn real NFT online game **
You have 60 seconds to win as many trades as possible vs other players.
Every minute you play, a different trader may be playing vs you; don’t miss out on the chance to attack back! The winner takes it all while the loser is knocked out. What is it going to be for you?

** Protect Your BlitzCoins! **
Use the shield to protect your balance from Banker raids and ensure 25% – 100% of your BlitzCoins when under attack. Weekly and monthly protection packages are also available!

** Play the Bitcoin Rate in real-time **
Playing is actually trading the Bitcoin price in real-time; you choose your investment amount, and whether you want to go UP or DOWN on the Bitcoin price. It’s as simple as that.

** Play to earn NFTs App **
The more you play the more you send to your digital wallet.
You will be rewarded with NFTs on your winnings. Blitzionaire’s special NFT collections are now also available on the NFT marketplace Store and

** City Clubs **
Each new City you take over will earn you a City-Club exclusive NFTs, From New York to Tokyo, Berlin, Dubai, and Sydney are all waiting for you. To advance up the roadmap, you must increase your net worth by purchasing Digital Assets, this will allow you the higher-level City Club. There are even more prizes! Yes, as you progress through the city clubs, you will receive more prizes!

** Digital Assets Luxury store **
Build your Metaverse! Win BlitzCoins and spend them on prestigious Digital Assets!
From gold sneakers to private jets, haute couture, and magnificent yachts! Everything is available in this real estate game!

** 1% Daily Interest **
Your assets are more valuable! You will receive 1% of the value of your Asset Values in BlitzCoins every day. The more assets you purchase, the more BlitzCoins you will receive each day!

** Win power buttons and daily spins **
Playing with the Powers increases your chances of winning.
Use the All-In Power to increase the amount of BlitzCoins you can trade. If you win, you take it all, and if you lose, you will receive a 50% cash refund.
The Save Power allows you to cancel your trade before it expires and receive a refund of your invested BlitzCoins.
If you are “in the money”, you can use the Sell Power to take a 100% profit on an ongoing trade.

Blitzionaire does not operate as a trading platform. Blitzionaire is a fun casual game. It is not possible to deposit or withdraw money. The BlitzCoins in the game are only for the game; they have no real-world value. The game allows you to collect BlitzCoins and shop for at the game store, but most importantly, it allows you to earn Digital Assets and NFTs!

Do you have what it takes to become the top Blitzionaire?
Download, Play, Earn!
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Updated on
Jun 9, 2022
Requires Android
9 and up
100,000+ downloads
In-app purchases
$0.99 – $399.99 per item
Content rating
Everyone Learn more
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Interactive elements
In-Game Purchases
Released on
Oct 22, 2020
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Playnance LTD

Michael Schemmel
June 22, 2022
(Change from 5 to 2, Now the timer is 24 hours and it is impossible to get up in this game.) Great, but the new update is OP, the cool down needs to go back to how it was before, even at my fastest, the cooldown runs out quick. And this is causing me to gain insane amounts of spins. The new spin wheel is good, but we need the old cool down back! 🙂

Playnance LTD
June 23, 2022
Thank you very much for your review concerning our game. We are always collecting user feedback and emails that we can apply with updates. If you wish to discuss the issue, contact support@

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