Custom ERP App Example Built on Bubble (Video #5)

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Want to see an example of what’s possible when building an ERP app on Bubble?

Check out this video to see what one non-technical entrepreneur built and grew into a full time business.

The video above wraps up our series covering ERP apps on Bubble (enterprise resource planning apps — i.e. business operation systems).

If you haven’t caught up on it yet, this series deep dives into not only whether you can build ERP apps on Bubble, but also…

– How to start building them
– Which features to focus on first
– Different ways you can customize those features
– And a lot more.

In this video, we’re walking through example ERP features, as well as a full ERP app — all built on Bubble. You’ll see the topics and features we covered in previous videos in this series put to use in real life, while you’ll also gaining a better understanding of…

– What you can build without a tech background
– Other types of niche functionality you can achieve within an ERP app
– The level of control you have over your app when using a platform like Bubble

Check out the series finale to see all of this in action.​​​​​​


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I'm Planning To Create A App That Similar To Notion But That Focus On One Thing Not Clone Notion So I Want Your Help How I Can Add That Notion Text Block Thing And Heading /command Like Thing I'm Searching & Finding Looking For That So If Possible Plz Share & Help Me.

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