Creating Charts & Visualizations in Your ERP App on Bubble (Video #4)

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If you’re building a no code app that handles any type of business process, you’re likely aiming to replace spreadsheets.

You see, spreadsheets can be a great way to handle business processes…

Until you see a bit of growth, potentially add some team members to the mix, and then start realizing how much extra manual work it’s taking to use the spreadsheets – and how much human error it’s leading to.

The reality is, if you have a lot of data and have been using spreadsheets to consume that data…

You’re wasting a lot of time and likely aren’t able to see important insights because, let’s face it, we’re not all data scientists who can look at a bloated spreadsheet and immediately extract all the exact information needed to improve your ROI!

Instead, you need visualizations.

Visualizations (i.e. charts) are key to making the data mean something.

They tell stories and make data approachable.

And if you’re building an ERP app, chances are, you’re absolutely looking for a way to create your own visualizations.

Truthfully, sometimes ERPs are more about the insights than they are about running operations…

In other words, they help businesses make smarter decisions about how to best execute operations.

And if you’re building visualizations into your own ERP app, this video is for you.

We’re currently deep into our ERP app series, Can You Build an ERP App on Bubble?

So far, we’ve covered…

– Why and how Bubble can support an ERP app
– Common features and customizations almost every ERP app needs
– The “behind the scenes” of those features and customizations
– And more…

And in this video, we’re diving into how you can create charts – visualizations that can serve as the engine in your ERP app.

Many of our own clients are building ERP apps, and this video will give you a peek into what their process looks like.

Take that, and apply it to your own app by watching the video now.


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