Can You Build an ERP App on Bubble? (Video #1)

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Last week we wrapped up a segment in a new video series — Can You Build Marketplace Apps on Bubble?…

But that segment was just the start of the broader series as a whole, and this week marks the start of a brand new segment…

Can You Build ERP Apps on Bubble?

ERP apps, or Enterprise Resource Planning Apps, are apps created to help run internal business systems.

A lot of our own entrepreneurs build ERPs, both for their own businesses and others…

Sometimes, they even start by building one for their own business, but plan to package up the app and sell it as a SaaS product to other similar businesses later on.

ERPs are commonly built on Bubble, and the reality is, there are a lot of different types of ERPs since they can cover so many business systems.

In fact, you can build an ERP and sell it as a SaaS, and then build another ERP to run your own internal business processes around that SaaS…

Because of how often this type of app is needed, we’re diving into the what, how, and why behind the development of ERPs on Bubble.

This series will cover all things related to ERPs, and in upcoming videos, we’ll talk about…

– What’s involved in an ERP
– How to build and customize ERP features
– Capabilities for ERPs when it comes to Bubble
– Examples of ERPs built on Bubble
– And more…

And today, the first video in this series is live and ready for you.

This video breaks down what types of ERP apps can be built on Bubble, the capabilities Bubble has when it comes to this type of app, common features ERPs need, and more.

Watch the first video in this series now to get started.


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3 respostas em “Can You Build an ERP App on Bubble? (Video #1)”

Thank you for the insightful perspectives delivered in this video. It presented a good balance between being geared to software-"newbies" and Bubblers with some prior experience in software. This type of information is very much "added-value" that had led me to choose the CNCA "Built To Scale" program; excited that I've finally around to moving ahead.

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