Bubble vs AppGyver | No Code App builder Review

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Bubble vs AppyGyver: which one is right for you? If you want to compare more no code builder apps, check out the full playlist:

I’ll be comparing these two no-code app builders, and how they stack up with features, pricing, and community…. plus, I’ll tell you which one I would choose!
Appgyver notes:

For an example of what you can do with Bubble, check out Stephen Campbell’s Virtual Ghost Writer:

Features: 00:17
Pricing: 02:10
Marketplaces: 05:37
Communities: 06:35

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23 respostas em “Bubble vs AppGyver | No Code App builder Review”

Looking to build an app for a disability taskforce that im on. We share a web page on the main site of our local church conference, and we do have an app for that, but it wasn't configured to be download able. Also looking to change the look of the app and make it accessible to people who have disabilities.

Thanks, this video is really helpfull. I just have a question, for all these "no code" tools, how do we do if after a certain time, after raising funds, we want to decentralize the application to keep full control? Is there a way to "transfer" the app without the users having to download a new app (where we would potentially lose 30-50% of the users)

Hello how are you? I'm starting with appgyver, I develop websites and I want to get into the world of applications. The problem with the bubble is autonomy, meaning the monthly fees are for the rest of your life, I agree to pay for the software I think it's correct as long as it's only once per application. Appgyver is growing a lot and I think there's a lot of good things to come.

Man you're awesome I appreciate this video so much. Long story short. I have some beautiful app ideas, but don't know anything about how to build them. Don't have alot of money to get started but think these apps can be a hit.

Good afternoon Doc, How is everything? it is me Andres an alumni from Apps without code bootcamp. I just wanted your advice. A customer replied back today and is interested in my app. I am going to schedule a phone call or zoom meeting with this client. What do you think? Thanks!

Thanks for the video. Kinda had my head in the sand on some of this no code stuff. I'm great at SQL and have started using FASTAPI to create my end points. Im new to HTML and Javascript programming. Given that, which no code frontend tools would you suggest? I would like to take a final web application and AWS host it without being forever tied to a particular NoCode front end environment. Thoughts?

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