Arrival at Kraghammer | Critical Role: VOX MACHINA | Episode 1

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Our story begins as Vox Machina, the heroes of Emon, arrive at the cavernous underground city of Kraghammer. After wiping out a grave threat to Emon’s emperor, Sovereign Uriel Tal’Dorei III, the band of adventurers has been sent on a journey by Arcanist, Allura Vysoren to find Lady Kima of Vord, a Halfling Paladin of Bahamut, who was drawn to Kraghammer upon learning of a great evil resting beneath it. The party get their bearings in the sprawling, dwarven city, meet a few of its more colorful denizens, and learn that the dwarves have been dealing with unnatural creatures spilling out of the mines in recent months. The mine’s overseer, Nostoc Greyspine, barely finishes explaining their troubles, when a pack of goblins and ogres come spilling out of the mine’s entrance, pursued by something far worse.

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Thanks to @CRTranscript and all the #critters for closed captions!

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47 respostas em “Arrival at Kraghammer | Critical Role: VOX MACHINA | Episode 1”

2 minutes in to this masterpiece I’ve heard so much about. This is my statement to my future self that I’m doing the best I can to enjoy this ride as much as I can because that’s what you would want!

So, a few years ago, I decided to try my hand at DnD, even though my friends were in Michigan and I'm in Atlanta, GA, and I only could play when I visited in person. Now we are all virtual, and I'm still trying to get the hang of this game. I'm a bit socially awkward, so I never really know when to "jump in" when its not in combat. Hope this helps me.

Also, does anyone else see the blurred screen in the first several minutes when the story is introduced?

13.08.2022 – I'm finishing episode 114. In November 2021 I started watching Episode 1. It's been quite a journey, very emotional for me, especially now that it's about to end. It always feels very weird, extremely emotional for me, when a story comes to an end.
I suffer from severe depression and watching all this, the story (I was/am an aspiring writer so stories are still really important to me) and the connection, relationships the cast has definitely brought me some joy and helped me, at least a bit, sometimes, with my struggles. Thank you for this campaign!

I hope I'll get through campaign 2, 3… 4, 5 and every other you'll (hopefully) make.
Maybe one day I'll even rewatch first campaign. Even now it's tempting to do it, to see some earlier-mid parts of their journeys, not go to the end, just to keep the story 'alive' 🙂

Thank you (again) and I hope to see you again, in future campaigns and rewatching this 🙂

Discovered. This because Dungeon and Daddies kept referring to it. Caught up on That. Now starting this. So excited i discovered the joy of DnD Podcast. Never knew this type of media existed. So Happy right now. All this content

Ok, so I started campaign 2 last December and finished it today. Between starting c3 or going back to the beginning, I came here. Critters, did I choose wisely? I'm one hour in and I have concerns… 1) The biggest one by far: Does the audio get better? If so, when? I'm not complaining… It's just that the production on the Mighty Nein campaign was SO GOOD, that Matt & Co. have spoiled me. Fortunately, CR has the best closed captions I've ever seen, so I'm sure I can power through the rough audio for a while. I'm just curious how far away the light at the end of the tunnel is.
2) It's been revealed/spoiled for me that my second-largest issue will take care of itself around episode 27. I know I'm (unfairly) basing my opinion on the first hour of the first episode, so I'd love to have my mind changed later, but my initial impression is that I'm really not digging the energy that one player is bringing to the studio. And judging by their faces, some of the cast would probably agree with me.
3) And this isn't really an issue… Just an observation. After spending, like, 500 hours with Jester, I'm having a hard time adjusting to Laura's new (to me) character. That is in no way a diss on Laura or her C1 character. She is such an amazing performer that I am sure I'll probably forget at some point that Jester and Vex are played by the same person. It's just that Laura was SO GOOD in C2, that ending the Mighty Nein campaign left a Jester-shaped hole in my heart. Seriously, one of my favorite fictional characters ever.

So what say you, Critters? Should I keep going, or should I jump to campaign 3 and come back to C1 later?

It is interesting to rewatch this. Matt is clearly the shining star head and shoulders above all others. I will try to find the episodes where the other characters rise to his level. I know it happens but finding the episodes where they grow should be interesting. ( I have too much time on my hands I know)

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